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The wellness world can be a tad confusing. One day it's, "Eat this," and the next, "That's horrible! Don't eat that." When you take the overwhelm of information, add in fatigue and low energy, and then toss in some stress for good measure, it can feel near impossible to get your health back.


That's why I am here to help. My specialty is to distill difficult to understand or implement information and make it easy to incorporate. There's a lot of chaos in our lives and our wellness plan doesn't have to add to it. Allow for yourself to be supported and learn how to add in healthy eating, mindful movement, and soulful self-care in a way that feels loving and gentle - not a like another chore or thing the ever-growing to-do list. ​​​​​

When you make space for well-being in your life, your life will be well. 
Initial Consultation

$125.00 - 90 Minute Appointment & InBody BIA Exam


During your initial consultation, we will spend time together connecting to the status of your current health and what you desire out of our time together. We use this information to create your first action plan that will include dietary recommendations along with additional insights to help guide your plan. Your fee includes a 90-minute appointment and an InBody BIA exam. 

Follow Up Appointments - Nutrition & Movement

$60.00 per hour / Package Discounts Available


Making changes takes time and practice. On-going health coaching can provide you with the support you need to break through old barriers and obstacles that have kept you stuck and unable to thrive. During your session, we will celebrate your victories and revisit your action plans to reevaluate your plan to ensure sustainable success. 

Body Composition Testing

$25.00 per exam


Using the InBody technology, you will have access to a comprehensive report that provides detailed insight into the types of tissue that make up your body's mass. During this clothed exam, you will learn how much muscle mass you have, how that impacts your metabolism, and what changes to your mass would allow for you to achieve an optimized body fat percentage.


Insights Wellness plans are based on creation and action. When you build something, you need some tools to make the job a bit easier. There are several types of tools that may comprise your plan so that it is customized to your unique needs. Food and meal planning is an inherent part of our plan but is often just the tip of the iceberg of information needed to help you realize your wellness potential.


One of the most important tools for the success of your program is our time together. In your sessions, you will often uncover that missing piece or have that breakthrough that allows for you to make that change that you've wanted for so long. How often we meet is guided by your program outline but "in-between" times are doable too. 


Being fully supported during your program is key. While working together, we will exchange frequent communication through appointments, phone calls, emails, and newsletters. A rapid response to your inquiry is something that I value as there is nothing worse than feeling stuck when you don't know what to do. 


Let me help you stay connected to all of the different ways in which our work together can be enhanced. Whether a book, website, workshop, or fitness class, I can provide you with the many recommendations that complement the work that you and I are doing together. With so many resources out there, a little help every now and then with picking out the best ones is welcome. 


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Action Steps

This is where the magic happens; it's the doing. The benefit of having a coach is that you are guided in selecting appropriate, nurturing actions that will allow for you to experience success. Too many times when we pick what we think we should be doing, we feel like we're failing at it and ultimately stop. Time to end that cycle.

Journal & Heart-Work

Getting connected to your inner-self is a key component to lasting change. After all, you spend the most time with yourself and your thoughts. Heart-work consists of various journaling exercises that are created specifically for you, allowing you to practice and expand upon the work that you do during your sessions. 

Practitioner Referrals

If there is someone out there that can help you more than I can, I will always let you know. The types of services that are available that may be beneficial for your health gain are functional & naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care, massage, energy work, western medicine and more. I will connect you with those that I have had personal interactions with and trust.

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The Transfourmation Program

Four weeks to better health...


The TransFOURmation program is a 4-week long program centered on optimizing your nutrition to promote weight-loss and wellness with an emphasis on increased energy, reduction/elimination of sugar cravings, lowered inflammation, better sleep, better digestion, and sustainable health change. Each week, a new health concept is introduced. Your four phases are to BALANCE, ELIMINATE, CLEANSE and MAINTAIN. 

The program cost includes two body composition testing sessions, four weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, supplements, and program binder.

FirstLine Therapy Program

Sustainable change for chronic illness and disease

Beginning at $950

The FirstLine Therapy Program is a collaborative program incorporating the professional guidance of naturopathic physician, Dr. Tricia Paulson. The FLT program is designed for those looking for longer-term programming, especially for the care and prevention of illnesses and diseases rooted in our lifestyle habits. This 12-14 week long program is suitable for those with diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. Combining lifestyle education along with naturopathic medicine, you gain access to clinical laboratory testing and functional medicine insight to promote optimized health and wellness. 

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Disclaimer: The content and material on this site is for informational and educational purposes only. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please consult your health care provider before starting a new program or treatment.

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