Why I Love MLM Posts on Facebook

June 26, 2017


We’ve all seen them.


Some of you may have blocked them or the people promoting them.


Or some of you may have joined them and are now posting your own.


I’m talking about the posts that show up on your Facebook feed with your friends promoting how great they feel because of a new line of products that they’re using. Their lives and health are transformed and they want you to have the same amazing experiences that they are.


A typical post consists of a collage of pictures that include a before and after, hashtags, emoticons, and some graphic enhancements meant to catch your eye. There’s usually a testimonial thrown in for good measure, written to connect with you emotionally, creating a sense of relatedness as in, “Hey, I’ve been where you’ve been. Look at me now thanks to what I’m using! You can have this too!”


Passionate people are connected to living inspired, healthy lives and they’re sharing their good news.


The benefits they experience usually include weight loss, better sleep, improved digestion, and more energy. These health shifts usually inspire greater wellness and self-care so prepare for more Facebook posts with 5K claims, arm flexes, healthy meals and more.


Am I being facetious? Absolutely not. We NEED to hear about these transformations.


This ardent collective is raising the bar on health.


With a great percentage of our population experiencing poor health, it’s unfortunately become the norm. You don’t overhear a group standing around at a gathering talking about how great they feel. They’re commiserating over their ailments and injuries, perpetuating the notion that these are things that “just happen” as we get older.


My MLM peeps out there are promoting change.


So am I.


We share a passion for what we are doing in helping others to live their best lives. We believe that what you put in (or on) your body impacts how you feel. We believe that you can transform your health by taking care of your body by providing it with what’s missing and eating nourishing foods.


Our approach may be different but our destination is the same - a healthier you.

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