Shipping Out to Save Your Life

May 2, 2019


I am writing this as the clock is ticking with T-40 minutes before getting picked up to head to the airpoirt. I'm Boston bound for a refresher in the Metagenics FirstLine Therapy Program, a program that I've been certified in now for about 7 years. The face of nutrition changes and evolves as does how professionals like me deliver the content. I want to stay on top of the game. Why?



Because what we're eating is killing us.


I wish I were exaggerating. I wish that our country supported health and wellness like it does profit and gain. But we don't. As Americans, our health is deteriorating and our ranking in how we are doing from a health perspective (and many others) as a developed country is dismal. We are getting sicker and fatter - and not many people are trying to change that. 


Did you know that the percentage of people that are able to lose weight and keep it off for more than 5 years is 1%?


One tiny, little percent? Kudos to those that have changed their health because it is HARD. Like, really hard to do. I know that a lot of companies out there are pushing to be at the top and recruiting others in their charge to change this, but I often question what they're doing and if it's sustainble and effective for the long-term. 


You can't supplement your way out of this one.


You HAVE to eat right. Listen, food is information. Every single bite you take contributes to a casacade of information in your body that is either going to help you or hurt you. But unfortunately, when you go to the store these days, there is more food-like product than there is actual food. 


Add to this that your body is messed up with your messangers that drive hunger signals, energy storage and inflammation all jacked up and you've got one heck of a hill to climb. If you've worked with me, you know that I'm not great at sugar coating things. Maybe it's because I'm from the east coast. Okay, that's a tiny but of it. I tell it like it is. But more than that it's because...




I really, really do. Aside from my family and my faith, what I do for a living is my passion. Sharing health and wellness information with others is what wakes me up in the morning and sometimes keeps me up at night. My brain is always whirring at 100mph trying to figure out how I can help.


Back to you living...chronic illness and disease currently impacts 1 out of every 2 Americans. These are illness that are often contributed to by lifestyle meaning that what you do everyday has the ability to change this. They're the number one killer, the number one contibutor to health care costs, and the the clincher is that YOU can do something to change this. 


Dietary modification can help. You need to eat right. Get a good night's sleep every night. Learn how to respond to stress so that your heart rate and blood pressure don't sky rocket. Take care of you. Seek support. I can help. The doc I work with can help. My good friend Daina can help. There are people out there that want to help you feel better and live an empowered life full of valuable insight and True Health. 


Don't wait.















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