New Year and the Same Amazing You

December 31, 2018

Yesterday, I was writing an inspired and more factual blog quoting this great book that I’ve been reading on how to transform your relationship with exercise. I was armed with highlighted passages and notes written in pencil filling the margins. The book is full of valuable information but the tone that my post was taking was more of the same – strategies and tips geared towards changing your state of health and wellness by exercising and incorporating more nutritious eating. But after getting through ¾ of my blog, I deleted it. It’s still a great book and someday, perhaps I will write about it. But not now.  


Here’s why.  


I want you to know that this year, it’s not about a new year, new you. It’s not about resolutions and goals that insinuate that there’s something about you that needs to be different. You are perfect just the way that you are. You are more than enough just the way that you are. You are loved. You are whole.  


That’s what I want for you to know more than anything. That’s what I want for any client of mine that I’m working with to know. When there is a feeling of wholeness, of unconditional love, and of peace – in that space, you can do all of the things that you need to live your best life.  


Happy New Year to all of you! Be well and know love.  

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