You Don't Need That: Part 1

March 22, 2018

“You are totally a Wendy,” she whispered in my ear.


She, being my sister-in-law. And where being at a production of Peter Pan that my daughter was in recently at the amazing Festival Theatre in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin.



During this scene, Wendy, who has come to Neverland to mother the Lost Boys & Girls, is remarking on the cleanliness, or lack-there-of, she is observing on Captain Hook’s pirate ships. Earlier in the performance, the pirates are complaining about mothers and how they make your life more difficult by keeping you safe and taking care of you.


Ah, yes. Rules and safety. Two of my most favorite things.


I am a Wendy and proud of it. And recently, this idea of adherence and regulation has become a bit more of a hot topic in my office.


My job is to provide my clients with the best information that I can to help them feel their best. We talk about diet and nutrition, physical activity, and goal-setting – all through the lens of functional medicine to make sure that we are getting to the bottom of what’s contributing to the unwanted way that they’re feeling.


In the past, I’ve been a bit more lenient in responding to questions along the, “Is it okay if I have this,” variety. Or the, “What about this? Can I have it?” 


I used to say, “Yes, it is okay if you have that every now and then.”


And now, I say, “You just spent 30 minutes telling me about how you feel and shared that you would do anything to not feel that way. In wanting to provide you with the best information I can, and in wanting you to feel your best, I have to be honest with what I know.”


And then the answer is usually no. No, you should not have that cake at the birthday this weekend. No, you should not have that Mountain Dew (diet or not). No, you should not have prime rib dinner once a week. No, you should not have that bag of chips at lunch, even if they’re baked.


Our health in America sucks. And guess what – the food industry is doing nothing to make it better. We are more confused and unhealthy as ever, despite what seems to be an increase in “health foods.”  What I love is that people are asking more questions and becoming more curious about their health. There is an increased desire to learn and know more so information and guidance is being sought.


What comes next? You’ll have to wait for part 2.

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