Better Make It Quick...I've Only Got a Minute

December 12, 2017

Today, I had to write. Anything. Any length. No overthinking or big plan around outcome. 




Because I said I would.


Just over a week ago, I wrote that I wanted to create more blogs more because it means that I can connect with you more and share more insight and wisdom on a regular basis. What good is the information I have if I'm not sharing it with anyone?


But writing a good blog post takes hours. I have to come up with the idea, think about the greater marketing plan, find a relevant photo for visual appeal, come up with a catchy get the idea. 


So today, I called bullshit. 


My timeline is just something that I've created in my head. It is flexible, changeable, and only meant to serve as loose guide when it comes to planning and adulting. Could I make it take hours? Sure. Does it need to? No.


And that's my whole point for this post. Our healthy lifestyle choices don't have to take hours or become so big that we talk ourselves out of fitting them into our lives. 


  • Didn't have an hour to take that walk or run? Do thirty burpees or mountain climbers instead of nothing. 

  • No time to prepare a healthy dinner? How about a quick chicken stir-fry. I bet you can make it faster than it will take the delivery guy to get to your house (and hello? Instant-Pot, anyone?).

  • Yoga class too far away? Do some gentle stretching or a few poses in your living room.

  • No time for a massage? Use a heat-pack at home to soothe achy muscles. 


Here are a few other "fast" ways to add in some health:

  • Drink a glass of water.

  • Take a vitamin D supplement if you live where you don't get a lot of sun.

  • Write down three things that you're grateful for.

  • Practice taking deep breaths over a minute or two.

  • Eat a piece of fruit.

  • Chew your food at least 10 times before swallowing it. 

  • Get up from your desk if you've been sitting for over an hour and jog or walk in place for a minute.


With all of the things that life has to throw at us, it's easy enough to put our needs and wants aside for the sake of others. But you can do this. Start small. Be consistent. And over time, practice becomes habit. Good health is just a minute away. 




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