The Forest Through the Trees

December 4, 2017


One thought is all that it takes to transform the experience of your day.  


Yesterday morning, my phone, which sits on my nightstand to charge overnight, was making noise like it was being continually plugged in and unplugged. Annoyed, I picked it up and looked at the screen and confirmed that it was acting like it was on the fritz. It wasn't fully charged where it should be at 100% and apps were closing after being open for 20 seconds. 


Some of you may be resonating with my feelings of frustration and anxiety over a broken phone and others may be giving a slight shoulder shrug knowing that in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal - and that is exactly the point of this blog. 


Life is always going to happen and while we can't always control what happens, we can control how we respond to it. I know that this is easier said than done, but a healthy dose of perspective can help us move from negative to positive vibes and energy. 


  • When life starts to pull me into the downward spiral of doom and gloom, I quickly try to reframe what I'm experiencing to a more positive perspective. Here's what I do that you can do too:

  • Either in my head or on paper, I make a quick gratitude list of things that I am thankful for. Three or more is a good goal.

  • In addition to resetting my brain, I reset my body. Two minutes of breathing for relaxation with deep breaths in and deep breaths out through the nose can help to lower heart rate and body tension. When your body is tense, so are you. 

  • If you have someone to talk to, reach out. Sometimes others can help us see what we are unable to in the moment. 


My initial moment of panic over my phone, which in reality is not that big of deal (but felt like it), was transformed through applying these strategies. My kids woke up healthy and happy. I was safe, my house was warm, and the coffee was good. I did take some deep breaths and shared what was going on with my husband. He reminded me that my phone, now a few years old, could be replaced for far less than I thought as I was thinking "new phone." And after reaching a more relaxed state, a quick internet search helped me learn a few things to try - which I did with success! 


Life throws bigger and faster curveballs than malfunctioning phones. I get it. And sometimes, it takes a lot more work to arrive to a place of seeing the forest through the trees. But with practicing the transformation of perspective with life's little things, we can be more prepared for handling the bigger things with a positive outlook. 

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