Day Two with No Coffee

April 25, 2017

I didn't start drinking coffee until I was pregnant with my second daughter. 


It really is an odd time to start as most OBs would advise against it. I wasn't a big coffee drinker back then - usually just a cup from the pot that my husband would brew in the morning.


But then my like turned into love and my want turned into need. 


I started loving coffee more than I love the mugs I drink it from and new pens and pencils (my one true vice). 


When I participate in my detox, I cut out coffee (and all caffeine for that matter). For starters, adding in more water in lieu of coffee is a must. And while my half and half is from a local, organic dairy, there's still a lot of extra calories that I don't need. 


The biggest reason why is I cut out coffee is because there is no energy in coffee. 


Wait, what?


Yes, coffee has no energy. 


But coffee does have caffeine and caffeine is a drug that acts as a stimulant. Yep, it's a drug. I know it sounds harsh to hear it that way, but it's true. Essentially, caffeine stimulates your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. (If you want the whole scoop, you can read this loooong How Stuff Works post.) But here's the thing, I don't need my adrenal glands stimulated any more than they already are. 


I really, really want to write about adrenal fatigue, so I will - in another post. You're here to read about my second day with no coffee. Long story short, adrenal fatigue is what happens when your adrenal glands are taxed from things like chronic stress. Most of us don't need any more stress and we certainly don't need to call on our adrenal glands to perform harder than they already are. But every time we take a sip of that bitter elixir I love otherwise known as coffee, that is precisely what happens. Adrenals, meet coffee. Body, meet adrenaline. 


So, when I am trying to live my best, I take coffee out. Sometimes, it stays out for a few months because I ride the high of a natural energy. When caffeine and coffee are out of my diet, I sleep like a baby. I wake up rested. And I am able to stay sharp and focused without relying on 3-4 cups of coffee a day. 


The first few days can be the hardest. For some people, they find that they have a pounding headache and desire to nap the day away. Having done this a few times, I find that I don't suffer as much. But what surprises me the most each time is what I gain in doing this.


For starters, I have more time. On a typical morning, " First I has the coffee. Then I do the things." All else is delayed until the first cup is gone. This morning, I got up, had a glass of water with lemon, and left to go on a walk in 5 minutes. A coffee morning...I'd still be putzing around 30 minutes later waiting for the coffee pot to brew and then of course, there would be the drinking of the coffee. 


Am I tired? Yes. A little. But I know it will pass. Over the years, I've learned I can rip the band-aid off and go cold turkey. Or I can add in a little green tea. Green tea has 35-70mg of caffeine per 8oz where coffee is 150-200mg. That's quite a bit different. So yesterday and today, I've allowed myself to have two cups of green tea. By the end of the week, I will be tea free. 


Now, will go back to coffee after the detox? We shall see...





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