Why This Is My Breakfast For the Next 7 Days

April 24, 2017


Since 2012, I do a detox once a year. 

And this year, I am going to blog about it. 

Why? Because...


I always so feel good after completing my detox that I want to tell you how I do it so that maybe you'll want to do one too. 


Let's talk first about why I detox. Simply, I need to give my body a break. Our bodies are exposed to a lot of irritants and polluntants in our environment. Over time, these toxins can interfere with how our bodies function. 


From this post on the mindbodygreen blog, here are seven signs of toxin overload:


1. Consistent fatigue

Even if you’re sleeping well, you may fight to get through the day. This could be a sign that your body is working too hard to get rid of the toxins you’re pouring into it. How do you cope with fatigue? If you’re answer is “more coffee” or “sweet foods,” you can bet that you’re only making the problem worse. That fatigue could also be in response to hormone disruptors that are zapping your immune system.


2. Stubborn weight gain

It’s never easy to lose weight, but if you’re exercising daily and cutting back on calories and you’re still putting on the pounds, you could be looking at a hormonal problem. Strangely enough, our natural hormone function can be greatly affected by the toxins in our foods and personal care products. You need a complete detox of your diet and personal care routine to give your body a fighting chance.


3. Bad breath

You brush and brush, chew gum, rinse, and swallow breath mints, and still, you can’t get rid of it. Bad breath is often related to digestive problems, but it can also mean that your liver is struggling to get rid of the toxins in your body. Until you tackle the problem from the source, you’ll continue to scare away anyone who comes close!


4. Constipation

The intestines get rid of a lot of toxins every day of our lives. When we’re constipated, we’re storing up all those toxins, allowing them to negatively affect our bodies. In addition to stomach upset, constipation can cause headaches, aches and pains, and tiredness. It can also be related to the toxins in your life, especially if you’re consuming a lot of processed foods filled with chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives.


5. Sensitivity to scents

Strong reactions to smells — particularly fragrances — might mean that you’re simply sensitive to chemicals, which many of us are. It can also mean that your body is fighting toxic overload. Particularly if you suffer headaches or stomach upset simply from scents, this may be the case.


6. Muscle aches and pains

If you can’t tie these to your workout yesterday, could be that the toxins in your life are working away at your muscles and joints. This is more likely if you experience muscle aches on a regular basis.


7. Skin reactions

Acne, rashes, and other skin problems may signal a toxic overload. Acne, in particular, can be related to the toxins in our diet or skin care products. Puffy eyes and eczema or psoriasis outbreaks can also be signs that you’ve just reached your toxic limit.



So, why am I doing the detox this year?

 I LOVE (wait...NEED) coffee right now. And I know I shouldn't. My bowels have been a bit slugginsh. And I'm overweight. True story. My current body fat percent is around 35%. And it should be closer to 23%. I love healthy foods but eat too much - and that burdens my digestive system. In essence, I want to be more connected to what I am doing for my health and wellness by optimizing my living.


Here's what my detox program looks like:

28-days of clean eating that incorporates a modified elimination diet, targeted macro- and micro-nutrient support to increase the effectiveness, and a mindful reintroduction of foods so that I can pay attention to how my body feels when I eat certain things.  


And my breakfast that I mentioned...clean eating takes organization and work. In an effort to streamline the process so that I can detox other things (like wasted time), I'm eating the same things for seven days. So, my breakfast for the next week will be the same. And next week, a new plan. 


There will be more to come as I share 28-days of experiences with my detox. Stay tuned for more!


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