My Approach to Your Success

We never realize how valuable our health is...until we don't have it. My intention is to guide you towards healthy living so that you can feel your best every single day. Your journey starts with getting connected to what that means for you. Wellness and healthy living mean a lot of different things to my clients because no two starting points are the same.


I will work with you to help you first create your health vision so that you can be powerfully connected to the work that you're doing during our sessions together. This is a critical step that most people overlook when they are starting a new plan or program. But here's the thing...taking steps toward healthier living to simply lose weight or have better numbers for your next doctor's appointment won't work. If it did, we'd all be doing the things we think we should be doing. 


After obtaining clarity and insight on what it is that you want for your health and wellness, your plan is created. Learn how to use food as medicine to bring nutrition and energy into your body. Incorporate mindful movement and self-care practices to support you on your journey.


Experience a health transformation that has you emotionally invested and inspired by what you're creating and doing in your life.

Live a life you love and love the life you live. 

Love your body.

Say yes to the adventure of life. 

Don't let health hold you back.

Create new possibilities for your yourself and your wellness by unveiling new insights that help you understand what's keeping you from living and feeling your very best.


Health coaching utilizes a variety of tools and methods that are implemented to best meet your needs. Check them out below along with an expanded overview of my thoughts on nutrition, coaching style, and the importance of integrative care. 

The goal is to eat in order to live your life to its absolute fullest. 

-Alexandra Jamieson-

Nutrition Philosophy

Insights Wellness Company helps you to transform the way you nourish your body so that you are energized and nourished. Our relationship with food extends far beyond nutrients. How we choose what to eat can have very little to do with what our bodies need and a lot more to do with what we crave - not just on our plates but in our hearts and in our souls.  Many new clients have a language around food that centers on guilt and shame. Eating healthy often feels like a punishment and I frequently hear the word "deprived" to describe what making healthful choice feels likes. You will experience a new awareness of healthful, delicious foods that are aligned with your unique metabolic and wellness needs while experiencing nourishment, balance, and freedom.


Your foundation for healthy eating begins with discovering the best food plan for your current health and wellness needs.  There is no one food plan that is the best for everyone. As a certified Lifestyle Educator, I will teach you why a specific food plan may work best for you and provide you with personal and clinical insights on how to implement these changes. The core of each plan is based on clinical education that centers on the management and prevention of lifestyle-based illnesses and diseases. Plans that can be considered for your needs are:

  • Modified Mediterranean

  • Auto Immune Protocol (AIP)

  • Paleo

  • Whole 30

  • Ketogenic

  • Gut Restoration 

  • Candida Cleanse

  • Detoxification

Coaching Style

Our initial sessions begin with getting better connected to your current health concerns and your future health goals. By inquiring deeper into your intake forms, we are better able to identify the areas that are impacting your well-being. This is an important aspect of functional health coaching as it establishes a timeline that connects your health and life experiences. Our health and our life are integrated as we cannot separate one from the other, so we approach both aspects to create lasting and sustainable changes. 


My coaching is guided by training that blends different wellness approaches that embrace both the personal and the clinical. We examine how aspects of your life such as relationships, spirituality, career and physical activity may feed you or starve you and how food is often used as a substitute for satisfaction. We explore various aspects of your health as there are often many reasons that contribute to a "stuck state." By investigating your health with a naturopathic mindset, I can provide further insight that helps you to understand how your current state of health has transpired. Building upon that, we will begin to explore the various approaches to take that may help you to unwind the tangle of symptoms and dysfunctions. 


What you can count on from me is honesty and insight generated from a place of wanting you to succeed. It is my privilege to help guide you on the path of loving yourself, your health, and your life. 

Integrative Care


Our health is an expression of the life that we live – in all that we are, all that we do and all that we think and feel.

Your integrative care begins with me as your holistic health coach. I respect the contributions of conventional western medicine and am mindful of the physical causes of ill-health. In broadening my approach to your care, I also value the contributions of emotions, mind, relationships (with people and the environment), and spirit as vital factors in health and wellness. Addressing your health with an integrative approach means that we will explore all possible contributors to your well-being and methods of healing. 

In particular, we will explore your health through the lens of naturopathic and functional medicine. Having worked closely with a naturopathic physician and observing the difference that a root cause approach can take, I highly value the contributions of natural medicine.  This often means taking a step back to look at how our symptoms and health experiences are related to each other and then investigating how to address the causes rather than the symptoms.


Once a thorough health history has been established, we will explore the potential for care that may include a collaboration with other practitioners. This will be approached from your willingness and comfort level, leaving you in charge every step of the way. 

Disclaimer: The content and material on this site is for informational and educational purposes only. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please consult your health care provider before starting a new program or treatment.

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