Moms & Teen Daughters: Strengthening the Sacred Bond

When my now 13-year-old was about 10, I realized that I needed to learn how to become a parent to my growing girl. Seemingly overnight, the tension between us started to grow as voices rose and doors slammed. Fights and bickering were numerous leaving both of us feeling disconnected. This wasn't who either of us was or whom we wanted to be. Something needed to change. 


So I started digging into books, browsing websites, and seeking the counsel of my older, wiser friends that had already raised young women. And I also did a lot of remembering...I talked to my 12-year-old self and asked myself what I could have used or needed back in those days. I thought about my emotions, my fears, and what made me happy.


What I learned surprised me. It saddened me. It inspired me. I knew that we could work together and both take active roles in transforming our relationship. But I knew that for the process to begin, I would have to take the lead.

It had to begin with acknowledging my fears and how they were contributing to my parenting style and the toughie...I needed to look at how my relationship with my mom was influencing how I raising my girls (gulp). 


The culmination of this soul searching and information seeking has lead me to offer a series of workshops to other mother/daughter duos.  There is still plenty of learning that my daughter and I are experiencing together but our strong foundation makes the work a bit easier to do and allows for easier conflict resolution. My hope is that by sharing a combination of personal experiences along with my professional insights that other dynamic duos can thrive and grow together through the teen years forging a lasting, loving bond.

Workshops Coming Soon...

  • Appreciating and understanding the influence of the sacred mother/daughter relationship

  • Creating and building a foundation of mutual respect and trust

  • Discovering and implementing tools for communication around present parenting and daughter's need for autonomy

Dynamic Duo: Celebrating and Cultivating the Mother/Daughter Bond

  • Using your intuition and inner-knowing to navigate through difficult situations

  • Embracing emotion and sensitivity as powerful traits

  • Owning and using your feminine gifts as a force of change

The Wisdom of Women: Harnessing the Power of the Feminine

  • Naming our emotions authentically to express our true feelings

  • Expressing expectations as possibilities to avoid upsets

  • Transforming upsets and breakdowns into breakthroughs

Words: Transforming Communication

  • Learning how what we put in and on our bodies can change our health

  • Understanding how to choose the best foods for your body

  • Taking care of your skin using healthy, natural products

Wellness: Healing from the Inside Out

  • Demonstrating what it means to be a good friend

  • Respecting yourself and your needs in your friendship

  • Letting go if it's not meant to be

Forging Friendships: Building Meaningful Relationships

  • Tracking how your body is changing throughout the month

  • Honoring the ways in which your energy and moods change as a form of self-care

  • Redefining your period as being "bad" to a celebration

Period Power: Understanding the Beauty of Your Menstrual Cycle

  • Decompressing from the academic, extra-curricular, and peer-pressures

  • Seeking resources and support for your big stressors

  • Embracing your youth by remembering not to grow up too fast; make time for fun and play

Transition: Coping with the Pressures of Growing Up

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