Simplify well-being with clear & concise steps that bring clarity to the chaos of everyday life. In the space and peace you create, wellness thrives.

A healthful life equates to practicing an acquired set of skill that help to support healthful eating, moving, thinking, and living. When most people want to make some changes, they just start. Now there's nothing wrong with getting to it, but will it be sustainable? What is the long-term plan? Or is there any plan at all?


The Plan will help you create a roadmap that will guide you towards healthful living for life starting with the creation of your health vision. This vision will inspire your goals which will lead to the formation of action steps that are aligned with your "big picture" and "powerful why." During your program, you will have space and security to practice and try and practice some more. You want for things to feel easy and uncomplicated and we will work on getting you there. 


The Plan offers 5 live workshops that are designed to deliver relative, valuable information to teach you what you need to know. Then, after spending some time, connecting to new information, you will have workshop time to apply what you've learned. At the end of each session, you will have developed a plan of action to carry through to the next workshop.


In between our workshop times, you will have access to online content that will build upon your workshop experience providing you with even more support, information, and ideas. 


March 2nd

Session One:

Connection & Creation


March 23rd

Session Two:

Foundational Foods & Fitness


April 13th

Session Three:

Stress & Self-Care


May 4th

Session Four:

Elimination & Detox


May 4th

Session Five:

Sustainability & Success

The Feel Good Details

The Plan is a 12-week long hybrid program that combines live workshops in Osceola, Wisconsin, a northeastern suburb of the twin cities located about a 50-minute drive from St. Paul, Minnesota with online classes in between sessions. The Plan empowers you by learning how to apply practical lifestyle and nutrition changes to optimize healthy living. Instead of focusing solely on what to do, Jenn Lutz, INSIGHTS's founder and practitioner, has constructed a plan that emphasizes how to do it.​

First, the path towards wellness must be shaped. Listen, life does not make healthy living any easier. Our plates, both literal and figurative, are fuller than ever. We juggle busy work lives and want to lead full personal lives too. And it seems that the ability to take care of ourselves is always on the chopping block. Somethings gotta give and healthy living gets added to the "Someday" list. The Plan connects you to where the chaos exists that prohibits you from living your best and then brings clarity to it by helping you to create simple, clear action plans. ​

As you create your plan, you'll have access to an abundance of health and wellness information as Jenn shares her wealth of curated information with you in an easy to digest (pun intended) format. From nutrition to fitness and everything in between, Jenn and her team of colleagues will teach you the basics and beyond. Once you have transformed the information into actions, you have the space and support to practice, make mistakes, and course correct. This is the magic of the program. 

Practice moves toward mastery. As you near the end of your program, you will move beyond basic nutrition information to more advanced concepts in functional medicine and nutrition to look at reducing the expression of disease using autoimmune, elimination, and detoxification protocols (if desired). You will be equipped with all of the tools you need to be fully prepared in spirit, mind, and body to honor your health and wellness.

Program Costs, Fees, and What's Included

The Plan Program registration opens Monday, December 17th and will remain open until Saturday, February 16th. 

The 12-Week long program includes the following:

The registration fee for The Plan Program is $450.

An early bird discount of $75 is being offered for anyone registering before January 31st. 

  • Your program starts and ends with an in-depth body composition test known as a BIA, short for bioelectric impedance analysis.

  • This test lets you know more about your weight beyond the scale by assessing how much muscle, fat, and water your body is made of. We do one at the beginning to inform your food plan and one at the end to track your results.

  • The Plan offers 5 in-person workshop sessions that are the educational foundation of your plan. Each session runs about 3 hours in length with the exception of our second session because it is so information-dense.

  • In between your live workshops, content will be shared in an online offering (not including the workshops) to support and enhance your workshop experience. There will be additional support offered through interviews, book recommendations, helpful links and more.

  • You will receive a program workbook that will provide you with everything that you need to make it through the program including journal pages, food tracking, biometric tracking and more! 

  • Prizes and incentives will be offered throughout the program for the completion of some assignments and challenges. Because who doesn't love to win stuff?

  • Participants will receive a 20% discount on private coaching sessions.

Disclaimer: The content and material on this site is for informational and educational purposes only. It’s not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please consult your health care provider before starting a new program or treatment.

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